Conure-bac is a strain of Lactobacillus reuteri isolated from the intestinal tract lining cells of healthy green-cheeked conures (Pyrrhura molinae). It has been found to colonize the intestinal tracts of not only green-cheeked conures, but other Pyrrhura species conures, such as fiery-shouldered conures (Pyrrhura egregia). Lactobacillus reuteri has been included in many probiotics for a variety of species of animals, including humans, and is renowned for its production of a metabolite called reuterin which shows strong antibacterial properties. It can be expected that the Conure-bac strain of Lactobacillus reuteri will offer the same benefits in green-cheeked conures as other strains offer in other animals.

Our research showed that Conure-bac was recovered from the droppings of green-cheeked and fiery-shouldered conures during and after drinking water treatment. It remained the predominant bacteria in the droppings five weeks after treatment ended when testing was discontinued. This indicates that the bacteria survives passage through the intestinal tract and it colonizes the intestinal tract, allowing the bacteria to provide benefits well after treatment has ended.

Normal, beneficial bacterial flora help maintain a bird’s health by preventing harmful bacteria and yeasts from binding to intestinal lining cells. They do this by four processes:

1.Competitive exclusion. The good bacteria takes up all the binding sites in the intestinal lining, leaving no place for the harmful bacteria and yeasts.

2.Altering the intestinal environment. Lactobacilli create metabolites that acidify the intestinal tract, making the environment hostile for certain bacteria and yeasts.

3.Production of antibacterial metabolites. Some probiotics are better at this than others. Lactobacullus reuteri is one of the best.

4.Improving immunity of the intestinal tract. Research in avian probiotics shows that colonization of the intestinal tract with beneficial bacteria can increase the local immune reactions found in the intestinal tract.

Conure-bac is recommended for use in handfed pyrrhura species conures who aren’t getting normal bacteria from their parents and parent birds feeding chicks in the nest. Because antibiotic treatment eliminates beneficial bacteria as well as harmful bacteria, treatment after antibiotic use is recommended. Research has shown that as birds age they gradually lose their normal bacterial flora and it’s replaced by potentially harmful bacteria. So we also recommend treating with Conure-bac on a yearly basis. Birds also lose their normal bacterial flora under conditions of stress. Treat with Conure-bac whenever your conure has gone through a significantly stressful period.

Conure-bac is available freeze dried in 15 cc vials. When reconstituted, it will supply ½ cup of treated drinking water for 10 days, enough to treat a cage or flight with up to 10 adult conures. Or it can be individually administered to up to 20-25 handfed chicks for 10 days.