teilbac newTiel-bac is a strain of Lactobacillus salivarius isolated from the intestinal tract lining  cellsof healthy cockatiels.  It has been found to adhere to and colonize the crop wall of cockatiels. It’s use results in 100 times fewer gram negative bacteria and significantly better growth rates in handfed cockatiels. Cockatiels are commonly afflicted with gastrointestinal infections such as Candida-like yeast, Avian Gastric Yeast, gram negative bacteria, and protozoan parasites.  A good probiotic can help prevent these infections in the following ways:

1) Competitive exclusion:  By adhering to intestinal lining cells the probiotic bacteria competes for binding sites with harmful organisms.

2) Inhibiting organisms by altering the intestinal  environment:  Lactobilli create metabolites that acidify the intestinal tract, helping to decrease yeasts and some harmful bacteria.

3) Certain probiotic strains produce other metabolites that are toxic to harmful bacteria.

4) Ability to improve the immune response of the intestinal tract.

Tiel-bac is currently available in a 1 gram freeze-dried vial.  When reconsituted, it will supply ½ cup of treated drinking water for 10 days, enough to treat a cage or flight with up to 10 adult cockatiels.  Or it can be individually administered to up to 20-25 handfed chicks for 10 days.